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The Pandemic in Chelsea -St Luke's Pantry

The impact that the pandemic has had on Chelsea has been devastating, not only because our city has continued to have the highest number of COVID-19 infections in the State, but also because a great percentage of our population has become unemployed and thus, they lack resources to take care of the basic necessities in life, including food, clothing and shelter.

As the pandemic took hold of our city without easing its grip on our population, more heads of household became unemployed and needed to make use of local pantries to feed their families. As a result the demand for our services increased dramatically to the point that presently we have been providing about 20,000 pounds of food to an average of 650 people once per week in the last months. We also provide $1,700 to families struggling to raise funds for the burial of their loved ones, regardless of creed, reason for death or any other consideration, and provide free of charge a non-denominational committal service to such families upon request.

But we would not be able to do as much without the support of so many generous souls like you who through your gifts provide us with the financial resources that we need sustain our labor.